Since 1949 we have presented over $1.7 million dollars in scholarship awards to Monmouth County high school seniors.
Monmouth County Cotillion Committee

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Cotillion Program Booklet Advertisement

Instructions for Ads:    Please do not staple or paper clip original artwork or photos.  You can either give your completed ad form to the Debutante or Escort or you can mail it to  If you submit hardcopy photos, please provide original photos – NOT a copy.  If you have the jpg or pdf of a photo, logo, graphic, or a digital version of your ad, you may email it to  Ads must be typed or printed CLEARLY.

You can email or attach your business card however, the card may not size correctly and will likely require typesetting so it may not render exactly as your hard copy card.  Business cards and photos should NOT BE STAPLED.

Purchase Your Ad:    Select your ad size and the photo fee if applicable then scroll down to view the shopping cart and follow the prompts.

Click the 'Add To Cart' button for each ad of interest then scroll down to view the shopping cart.


Gold Page Ad – $250.00 


Full Page Ad – $150.00 


3/4 Page Ad – $100.00 


Half Page Ad – $75.00 


1/4 Page Ad – $50.00 


ADDITIONAL Photo Fee (select this fee ONLY after choosing your ad above and ONLY if your ad includes a photo) – $25.00


Scroll down to view the shopping cart. 

Check the quantity of each item in your Shopping Cart.  

To remove an item from your shopping cart, click the red trash can to the right.

To change the quantity of an item in your shopping card, highlight the quantity and enter the desired number.

When items and quantity are correct, scroll down again and click the ‘PayPal’ button. 

IMPORTANT:  Once on the Paypal screen, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen and select “Pay with Debit or Credit card” if you do not have a personal PayPal account. 

On the next screen, PLEASE ENTER THE STUDENT’S NAME IN THE ‘apt., ste., bldg.,” field of the billing address so we know who to credit with your purchase.